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    October 26, 2012
    5:30 - 6:00pm PDT  

welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo with the latest at this hour. researchers in japan are pushing closer to using a breakthrough in regenerative medicine.
ips cells can grow into any kind of body tissue. the lab looks likely to run the world's first clinical trial. takahashi leads the team at the institute. she says they'll create the cells and transplant them into six patients with degeneration. it leads to a loss of vision. team members say treatment has only given the patients a slight improvement. the team will apply to run the trial at the foundation for biomedical research and innovation in the city of kobe. they can't start the trial until april. any clinical test using ips cells first has to be screened by the health ministry. kyoto university professor yamanaka won the nobel peace prize this year for it.
north korean officials are trying to get their economy to grow. they gave japanese reporters their first look at one of their zones and shows them how they're trying to attract foreign investment. reporters from nhk and other japanese media visited a special economic zone in the port city of rason. the region is the the northeast bordering china and russia. it has three piers will long cranes. one pier is leased by chinese officials. they use it to ship coal to china. another is leased by russian officials. it's under repair. the seafood processing plant praised kim jong-un and encouraged to raise money. the plant processes 30,000 tons of shellfish and grab per year for export. the north koreans are trying to attract chinese tourists.
they built a seaside hotel. the hotel has a casino and and staff. they may have invited japanese media to show they're rebuilding their economy despite the sanctions. security forces in myanmar are trying to stem fighting between buddhists and muslims. 67 people have been killed this week. officials declared a state of emergency in rakin. most of the people in the state are buddhists. the minority are muslim people. members of the two communities began fighting last sunday. officials say they don't know when they'll get the violence under control. they say some of the deaths occurred when buddhists and muslims attacked each other. originally put the death toll at
112. they revised it down to 67. buddhists and muslims first fought each other in may. a group of people believed to be muslims had assaulted a buddhist women. the violence is jeopardizing the government's efforts to promote democracy and reconciliation. government forces and opposition fighters in syria are trading fire and accusations instead of observing a temporary ceasefire. both sides agreed to put down their weapons during a muslim holiday. but they've both been involved in fresh violence. government and opposition forces agreed to a proposal by u.n. and arab league leader to stop fighting during the holiday. the truce is to go friday through monday. but sporadic battles continued
throughout the country. exploded in damascus killing five people and wounding 30 others. fierce fighting broke out in aleppo. troops loyal to president bashar al assad attacked rebels who seized an airport. syrian forces are also being accused of going after antigovernment demonstrators. a human rights group says more than 70 people died across the country on friday away. syrian soldiers said they retaliated after opposition fighters broke the produce. but one tells nhk government forces went on the offensive first. he says his side will have to launch a new operation unless the military immediately ends its attacks. people in northern afghanistan are spending the holiday grieving, not celebrating.
a suicide bomber targeted a mosque. the explosion killed at least 36 people and wounded dozens of others. police say a man detonated explosive outside a mask in manyama. afghan forces are struggling to stop the violence in their country. they're said to take full control of forces when foreign troops withdrawal by the end of 2014. a pakistani girl shot by is the taliban is on the road to recovery. her father says he's grateful to people who prayed for her all over the world. >> last night when we met her, there were tears in our eyes. and they were out of happiness, i say. >> he shed his feelings the day after reuniting with his
daughter. members of the pakistani taliban shot her in the head three weeks ago while sthefs traveling home from school. they said they attacked her because she called for all pakistani girls to have the right to an education. she was in critical condition. she was sent to britain for advanced medical treatment. her father said she's recovering with encouraging speed. he thanked people around the world for their support. >> everyone across the world, they prayed for my daughter. which is not only my daughter, she's the daughter of everybody. >> malala's doctors say she can communicate in writing. they say she's stable but needs to stay in hospital for more operations. getting the u.s. economy back on track is one of the big e issues in the country's
election. it could boost barack obama's chances of winning a second term. the economy grew slightly more in the third quarter of this year. released their preliminary gross domestic product figures for the july to september period. gdp grew at an annualized rate after 2%. economists forecasted growth at 1.9%. the rate in the previous quarter was 1.3% which led to further concerns about the economic outlook. consumers helped lead improvement in the latest quarter. personal consumption accounts for nearly 3/4 of the activity and it grew 2%. housing surged more than 14%. people in business appeared more cautious. their spending is down 1.3% from the previous quarter.
exports shrank 1.6%. they were down for the first time since early 2009. here's the three-day world weather forecast.
that's all for this hour on "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.